Borrowed Vintage Rentals Inc. belongs to two young women who have built their friendship amongst pretty dishes and dainty teacups. Marr and Eerren have come together to share their passion for creativity and their eye for beauty. Each bring their own unique style to the modern world of vintage.


 Marr grew up in a family inspired by art, fashion, and music. She has, somehow, found herself styling photoshoots and creating do-it-yourself projects, which has made her the founder of Remodel Your Closet. Her mission in designing, at all, is to create beauty within her world and to inspire others. Her love of detail and delicate design is what makes Borrowed Vintage Rentals come alive.


 Eerren is the founder of Modest Fly Art and mastering her skills in art has been a part of her everyday for most of her prior recollections. Having graduated with her BFA in illustration, she works as a freelance artist and has created a studio gallery where she teaches and displays artwork of all mediums and subjects. Besides her expertise in the mastery of art, Eerren’s love of vintage comes from within. Very often, she finds herself gravitating towards the open doors of an antique shop and gathering goods that hold inexplicable, everlasting beauty and feel timeless to the touch.


 Marr and Eerren look forward to the future of Borrowed Vintage Rentals Inc. with their eyes wide open to endless possibilities and opportunities.


 “We’d like to thank you, in advance, for your continued support and contribution to what we hold so dear to our hearts. Borrowed Vintage Rentals consists of our love of something old, something you, something borrowed, something few…”


-Marr & Eerren